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Adrian Powell wrote:
> Saw a program on the Discovery channel the other night about
> Ball Lightning.    There was some talk of some scientists
> thinking that a fusion process was at play here.   The show
> didn't appear to be that recent.  Have any new attempts been
> made to verify whether Ball Lightning has anything to do with
> a fusion reaction ?.
> If it is a fusion process at work here,   how would this influence
> future fusion work if at all ?
> Thanks,   Adrian.

That was the Discovery Entertainment Science channel no doubt. You can
tell that it is entertainment by the quantity of "superlatives" that are

To answer your question: based on an interest in the nature of
lightning, and the evolution of Magnetic Fusion Topologies, I came up
with a model for Ball Lightning, and at the same time a topology whose
embodiment could be used to produce aneutronic fusion.  However,
lightning has already worked out how to produce natural BL and Mother
Nature has not been very open with the technique.  Nevertheless we have
generated airborne magnetoplasmoids of the PLASMAK(tm) topology, but
they are too small and not as long lived as BL.  However, they have
lifetimes that exceed Spheromak rings by ~ 10 thousands of times. That,
unfortunately, still is not good enough.

We are currently involved in generating airborne magnetoplasmoids of 30
to 40 cm diameter, and we hope to increase the lifetime to seconds or
maybe more.  However, we need to obtain another set of 20kV fast
discharge capacitors and couple them with a resistive coaxial
transmission line so it operates with a critically damped discharge.
This bank would be incorporated into our current bank complex.

We would like to also develop Boronized electrode surfaces for future
work inside a spherical compression chamber in order to investigate if a
highly compressed magnetoplasmoids comprised of hydrogen (or
Deuterium-protium mix) might produce interesting levels of fusion energy.

Check the sig below that discusses this approach in some detail.  The
Web sites will be updated when the currently initiated work has finished.

We are hoping that some discriminating agencies, institutes, or advanced
technology corporation will take an interest.
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